Content Creation / Testing Tool / Content Authoring

An extremely useful application for creating lessons/courseware, creating exercises, and grading exams. The program offers built-in tools for the teacher to create, modify, and save lessons and also exams for their students to take immediately or at a later date. Teachers can also upload helpful media in the form of text, image, audio, or video to accompany each question.

The authoring tools allow the teacher to grade each question of the exam, offer feedback and even mark corrections. Teacher can then email each student his/her grade at the click of a button as well as view information about each question of the exam. Our handy import/export exam feature allows for the same exam to be taken by multiple courses and then individually modified if necessary.

This authoring tool is also one of the few, if not only, Network CD based and web-based testing program that allow students to answer questions orally by providing them with the means to record and playback their responses, which can be re-recorded as many times as they like while the exam is in progress.

This is a powerful authoring application that gives teacher and students a wide range of built-in tools not found in other testing programs. While other web-based programs might require a specific browser and non-free third-party applications, this authoring tool software can run in a wide variety of today’s leading browsers.


  • Record and playback of answers
  • Student Mangement and Results Tracker
  • Available in LMS, CD, Library and Online versions
  • Multilingual support for all languages
  • Popular languages embedded for creating content and instructions
  • Multimedia Capabilities: Upload multilingual text, image, audio or video files to accompany questions in popular formats.
  • Instant automatic grading
  • Teacher feedback option for every right or wrong answer
  • Built in question templates. 12 different types available.
  • Multi browser compatibility.
  • Blank answer detection: Notifies student if any questions were left unanswered before exam is submitted.
  • SCORM Compliant: Export and Import of Files allowed for sharing courseware.

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