Cross-cultural Orientation Course

The Cross-cultural Orientation Course offered by Dot Systems, is a program designed to prepare professionals wanting to carry out tasks in other countries as an assignment. It prepares them to have good inter-personal skills in a foreign country. It is not merely orienting people to the lifestyle of a country but provides them fairly good knowledge on culture, behaviour and language thereby preparing them for a culturally appropriate behaviour.

Behaviour modification training, language learning, and orientation to the differences in social interactions in two cultures are some of the important modules covered. It is conducted by experts who have vast experience and have extensive knowledge about the wide range of issues people face and experience staying in other countries with different cultures.

The course is well-planned and has an informal training format.

Duration of Training: 4-hour sessions for 3 days for a total of 12 hours.

Culture and Languages offered: Russian, Spanish, German, French and Chinese.

Tools used: Self-paced foreign language software programs which teach not only basic language but also introduces them to the words and phrases people need for social conversation, including plenty of useful, up-to-date vocabulary. It then builds their spoken confidence, allowing them to compare their accent to that of a native speaker.

The delivery, of course, will be at your site by our experts.

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