Foreign Language Content

Dot Systems is the sole and exclusive distributor of English and Foreign-Language course content in India.

These courses are self paced learning programs with exciting content.

  • Foreign-Language Course content in Network Edition format is available in over 115 languages and more than 350 titles.
  • The software allow teachers a watch and listen functionality. Help is only a text message away.
  • The Language Program is recorded by native speakers and is programmed by Intelligent Software, which allows students to listen, record their voice, and compare their recording with a native pronunciation.
  • Some of the titles include iTunes/MP3 downloads.
  • Includes printable evaluation tools, dictionaries and progress tracking abilities.
  • The Network Edition allows students to study anywhere via the campus LAN.
  • The program’s cost and range allow easy access to lesser taught languages such as Hawaiian, Hebrew, Icelandic, Latin and many others.

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