Language Documentation

What is language documentation?

Language documentation from a linguist's perspective is the systematic recording, transcription, translation and analysis of the broadest possible variety of spoken (and written) language samples collected from a given speech community within their appropriate social and cultural context. It is documenting of a language records for posterity and in the interest of revitalization.

Language documentation is a corpus of audio and/or video materials with time-aligned transcription, digitized and retrievable content, multi-tier annotation, translation into a language of wider communication, and relevant metadata on context and use of the materials and creation of web resources and finally a self-paced learning program.

Technology and Solutions in Language documentation and Revitalization of Endangered languages.

Language documentation involves the following steps

  1. Capturing of Audio and video by field Linguists
  2. Digitization and Archiving and storage
  3. Transcription and Translation
  4. Analysis
  5. Creation of Talking Dictionaries, texts, grammar, phrasal books
  6. Creation of repository or a Self-paced learning program

Dot Systems offers technical infrastructure and solutions for digital audio recording equipment, digitization, cataloging, archiving and retrieval of language data. Dot Systems has comprehensive state-of-the art solutions for professional audio and video capturing by field linguists to deliver digital data and documents in a form that is immediately archivable and disseminable.

We also offer a Linguistics production studio or Lab for Creation of self-paced learning resources for the language, to create lines, add audio and video resources, animations, lesson planning, creating talking dictionary, LMS etc. The lab features several overlapping multi-use areas, designed for maximum flexibility and the ability to accommodate current and future projects. The lab can be converted to accommodate other classes, or video and/or audio recording and analysis.

Audio/Video Capturing Equipment for Field Linguists which includes

  1. Ultra Compact High Definition Camcorders
  2. UV Filter Lens and rechargeable batteries
  3. Very High quality audio recording solution and mixers
  4. High Quality Omni-directional and shotgun microphones
  5. Large capacity Memory cards
  6. Pelican cases

Studio Equipment for Digitization, Editing Cataloging and archiving which includes

  1. Sound Proofed Interiors
  2. Data Analysis Software,
  3. Speech Digitization Software,
  4. Audio And Video Edit Tools
  5. Computer Hardware
  6. Data Storage Solution
  7. Statistical Software etc.

Authoring and Content Creation which includes

  1. Creating of Talking dictionary
  2. Language Lessons and Self Paced Learning Program Content
  3. Audio and video authoring tools
  4. Dictionary and terminology creating software,
  5. e-learning content software.

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