Motorskills Toys

Dot Systems is an exclusive authorized distributor of Young India Films in Chennai, who is a national distributor for world class toys from Weplay, SP Playbase, etc. We are currently distributing only in Andhra Pradesh, India.

These educational toys help children learn while they play. The selection of toys here support the multiple intelligence theory of Dr. Howard Gardner. The toys distributed by Dot Systems have won several international awards for design and safety.

Some of the brands currently distributed by Dot Systems are:

  • Weplay
  • SP Playbase, UK

Howard Gardner's model of the seven Multiple Intelligences for Toys

Intelligence Type Capability and Perception
Linguistic Words and language
Logical-Mathematical Logic and numbers
Musical Music, sound, rhythm
Bodily-Kinesthetic Body movement control
Spatial-Visual Images and space
Interpersonal Other people's feelings
Intrapersonal Self-awareness

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