News Labs

What do you learn in a News Lab?

The following are possible in a News Lab:

  • Learning print, audio and multimedia techniques
  • Real time news-room environment and news reading
  • Portfolio development
  • Learning Digitization
  • Editing and related skills
  • Content development for websites with a dedicated website for each student
  • Access to important news journals and articles
  • Camera and production
  • Advertising and Media


  • Web publishing infrastructure
  • Web site design using Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Digital imaging (Photoshop and Sound Slides)
  • Audio editing and telling stories with sound (Audacity, Adobe Soundbooth)
  • Digital video editing (Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premier, etc.) and editing suites.

Anti plagiarism softwares

  • News Channel software: design your own layout, multiple angles from camera, in built animation for scrolls etc.

..and many others.

Please email us at info [at] for details on complete infrastructure and requirements.

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