Turnkey Solutions

Dot Systems can undertake large Turnkey Projects to ensure a single point solution. The hassles of procuring from a dozen vendors can be avoided. It can sometimes be a traumatic experience dealing with multiple vendors for a single solution.

For example, to identify the problem in a computer lab you may end up calling the computer supplier, software supplier and the network support just to find a fault in your power supply and worst still, have each of these vendors blame each other for a technical fault. So, from a no-issue, it is first a technical issue which then turns into a human issue.

Dot Systems completes projects on a turnkey basis, and also takes full responsibility for ensuring that all steps are completed in accordance with your plans and specifications. Some of the jobs undertaken as a Turnkey Project include:

  • Proposal building
  • Technical drawings and Engineering design
  • Procurement of all material and Equipment for the project
  • Construction of site, including Site preparation
  • Interiors of Site
  • Installation of Equipment
  • Commissioning of Equipment
  • Training
  • After sale on-site warranty and support

How does the client benefit from the Turnkey Solution?

Besides having the process streamlined and simplified, the client has a single point of contact and a single robust solution through a Turnkey Solution system. This not only saves time and money in a great way but also ensures peace of mind.

Do talk to us to know more about Turnkey Projects such as tax implications on turnkey contracts, interstate projects, mandatory procedures, draft copies of agreements etc.

Please email us at info [at] dotsystems.in to learn more about our solutions.

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